Start your morning right – BAATHHAUS // Ascension

What if your suburban home norm was decorated with a mother in drag greeting your prom date, a father with blue nail polish, and a┬áconsistent throw back to 1985? Wouldn’t life be much more exciting in the Midwest, to say the least? This music video is more of a short film that gives you something to want to dance to while your eyes stayed glued to your screen. (Imagine what that would look like, try it even…I dare you.) The fun doesn’t stop there kids! The vocals on this track take you on it’s own separate journey with ascending and descending tones that cascade from the 80’s to the now’s.

Take a break from your day and let your mind get lost in a parallel universe of a place I believe some call home, thank god.


“Award-winning Chicago filmmaker Stephen Cone (THE WISE KIDS) teams up with Chicago art pop band BAATHHAUS for their second music video. Ascension turns the lens on an everyday situation, revealing the dense and complex layers that live inside one simple moment. Longing, lust, anxiety, and the thrill of anticipation fill the quiet rooms of a suburban home and provide the perfect backdrop for the lush and shimmering pop of Ascension.”

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