Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 3.19.33 PMLA born Insurgency Inc is opening their first solo show, The Universal Sign for Choking, in LA on May 9th. While they never claimed to be artists, somehow this happened, and they seem to be falling into the role quite easily.

“We never intended to make ‘art.’ We really just wanted to inspire people to do something, anything. Street art was just an outlet to do that when we ran out of ways to tell people they ‘sucked’ via the blog. Or maybe people stopped reading the blog and we needed a new way to be ‘heard.’ We don’t really remember. It doesn’t matter because we have an art show now, so guess it paid off.”

In case you aren’t familiar: the once anonymous group, primarily known for their aggressive, often violent, social commentary DIY street art campaigns featuring the slogan ‘Hate Death Fear Sex Money Fame,’ celebrity mug shots, and military inspired taglines, was created in LA in 2008. Now based out of NYC, the collective returns to it’s birthplace to present a collection of works that that holds up a mirror to a society in-fluxed by information and seeks to explore how we consume, or choke, on that information.

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“This show was designed to be presented in Los Angeles. While we were LA, our work was always reactionary and highly aggressive. It had to be because you need to be larger than life to be noticed there. This show was created after moving to a city much more focused on reality, not reality television, and is a much more quiet revolt against what we see as society’s failures. The work is cleaner and more interpretive than anything we have ever done. That’s not to say it’s any better than the crap we did before.”

The Universal Sign for Choking is a collection of works that explores society’s conspicuous over-consumption of media and obsession with self image. At the artists comment: 

“We, as a conscious mass of being, are choking. Images, media, words, social pressures, self-imposed unrealistic expectations, and the E! Channel are producing a feeling of strangulation.  But instead of jumping up from our chair, frantically grabbing at our throat and begging for relief, we continue to cram excessive amounts of tripe into our face holes.

“In an era when your best friends would rather text you than be inconvenienced by the sound of your voice, best of luck having a stranger step up to the plate in one of the most intimate of all shared experiences: saving your life. “

The Universial Sign for Choking opens on May 9th at Gold Haus Gallery, 5713 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90042 7pm – 11pm. More info at
Look for a written piece by Wil Atkinson of Insurgency Inc in our upcoming issue…



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