A Photography Agency for those who know what they DON’T want

I had the pleasure of working with Photographer Nicholas Haggard and Jesse Miller, the owner of Tinker Street Ad + Art Collective this week.

I noticed something different about this crew when I got on set, wasn’t quite sure what it was.  It could have been the soft spoken camera assistant’s beautifully paired seafoam green cardigan with his floral button up shirt, or the fact that we got to chuck paint covered tennis balls as hard as possible at the models..Either way, I felt great afterwards.


Photo-Nicholas Haggard

When I went home that evening, I went straight to the Tinker site.

Jesse seems to carefully pick his photographers not based solely on how much money they can make him, but more on their aesthetic edge, and concept.

That doesn’t seem to be as big of a concern now a days, and I really respect him for that outlook.

Tinker Street: ~ an ad + art collective offering new creative for those who know exactly what they don’t want.



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