NAME: Pat Grossi (Active Child)
WEBSITE: activechildmusic.com

PIVOTAL LIFE CHANGING MOMENT: Joining a friend on a trip to the Kolacney music shop years ago. Left with a harp and my life took a left turn.

BEST GIFT YOU’VE EVER RECEIVED: Any of the heartfelt notes from my mom or dad over the years. The power of words is surprising sometimes.

FAVORITE TASTE: Black coffee and donut.

FAVORITE PART OF A SONG: The final line in “The Seer’s Tower” when Sufjan sings “Still I go to the deepest grave, where I go to sleep alone”. Covers me in chills every time. 

SOUL MATE OR LIFE IS A SEQUENCE OF PARTNERS: Gut tells me life is a  sequence, but hoping for that soul mate.

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