A Solo Art Show With Heart // Gregory Siff

This Friday is a special one – 11.11.11 

What are your plans?  If you are in Echo Park, CA, come check out Gregory Siff’s solo show, presented by The Site UnScene.

La Founderie
1755  Glendale Blvd. LA, CA 90026
7pm – Midnight

“To be a G is a term you earn. My father was a G, his name, George. Being a G means loving where youʼre from, your fam, your set. It means Giving back. Itʼs paying your dues. Itʼs being a brother, a friend, a true fighter in the most positive form of the word. It is standing up for who you are and what you believe in. When someone is described as a G, itʼs reserved for oneʼs with a high level of respect.”

The premiere solo showing of Gregory Siff. is building on the momentum of high profile projects he has completed recently, such as painting with The Seventh Letter, completing The Standard Downtown L.A.ʼs 6th St. Mural, and garnering the street art wall of the moment The Barracuda Wall on Melrose, Gregory is bringing his work out of the galleries, off of the street, and into a space.

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