Active Child // A Review

Pat Grossi took the stage at the Los Angeles Music Box, through a smoky atmosphere with presence and poise. He sat down in the middle of his three-piece band, picked up the harp, and closed his eyes. The drums cascaded across the bass line and with one breath, he outpoured a sweep of ethereal falsetto leading into “High Priestess”.

The crowd was awe struck. “He’s like an angel.” “Yes, he is.”

With a quick tune up, the harp chord progression began for “Hanging On”. The crowd was thrilled and sang every word right back to him. He was the universal voice for every single person in that room. And he felt it. During the chorus: “I just can’t keep hanging on…” he was pulling on his crew neck so hard, I thought he was going to rip his heart right out of his chest.

The entire Active Child set continued with profound expression. Songs about being love crushed and fallen expectations were released with a supernatural blend of delicacy and power. His fingers said classical, but his shoulders moved R&B.

During “Playing House”, Pat attacked the keyboard like a mad scientist and the crowd erupted. Through the mic, his vocals were insanely sexy, which he enhanced with a full body pulse. This man doesn’t miss a beat and he delivered the most sensual song on the album in perfect form.

The night closed off with a cymbal crash into “Johnny Belinda”.  Layers of haunting vocals turned the venue into somewhat of a sacred space. He sat at his harp and ceremoniously danced his vocals around the stage with a vamped out chorus, “Wish that I was strong enough. Wish that I could give it all. Wish that I could change enough.”

Pat gives you everything on stage. His heart, his soul, his vulnerability and pain. It’s all right there in front of you. And the moment you are completely gripped, he fades into the lights and the curtain falls. Yes, that just happened.

Los Angeles, CA
Elizabeth Baudouin

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