Artist Crush // Alison Foshee

Anyone who knows me, knows of my intense love of botanicals. Watercolor, pencil, clay—staples?

Yes. Staples. Artist Alison Foshee has turned beautiful pieces of nature into cold hard and yet compellingly beautiful metal art.

In her own words: “This series of staple works on paper began in 1998.  I was exploring how everyday materials or found objects can express inner states of being or emotion through metaphors derived from the material’s original function.  To do this, I would spend time meditating on the purpose of an object and eventually arrive at the object’s symbolic meaning. The content or form would reinforce these derived meanings.  For example, leaves and other botanicals remind us of the temporal nature of life.  Their natural poetry and melancholy beauty eases us into an acceptance of change.  Staples, in contrast, are tenacious and represent control. Their function is to fight entropy and keep things together.  They grasp at the bits of paper that once held meaning and even when twisted and rusted with age, they hold tightly to themselves.”

Jenelle Campbell

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 10.50.50 AM

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