We have a major band crush on Montreal’s, No Joy. We’ve also been hooked in the heavy shoegaze of their latest track, “Hare Tarot Lies” for well over 24 hours. Here’s what their label, Mexican Summer has to say:

“No Joy’s “Hare Tarot Lies,” drifts along as in a dream, a heavy, shambolic backbeat and hazy hooks that hang breezily from its frame. Guitarist Jasamine White-Gluz’s voice surges out of the gauze before dipping back down inside of the songs’s dense foundation.”
If that’s what’s happening, we’re into it. Also, if you were obsessed with Tamaryn record last year (or any year), you’ll love this.
Click below to listen:

No Joy is on tour with Clinic this Spring, playing Los Angeles on May 1st at the Troubadour, May 15th in New York at the Mercury Lounge, and May 17th in Montreal at The Plant.

Full list of tour dates here.

No Joy’s new record, Wait to Pleasure, is out on April 23.
Is it April 23 yet? 
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