“Blue Mountains” from singer and string- instrumentalist Sam Amidon’s latest Nonesuch Records release Lily-O is an Appalachian ballad that tells an enigmatic tale of a young woman who falls in love with a married man. A new film for the song, created by filmmaker and fine-art/fashion photographer Andrea Sisson. The video was shot in Ojai, CA and features model/actress Alex Noiret.


“I met Sam several years ago on a New Year’s Eve in Iceland at Greenhouse Studios, amongst vodka, lamb and wild discussions,” Sisson said. “I found Sam on some steps in a corner, reading a book of poetry to a group of my friends, other musicians and artists. When we reconnected in Los Angeles five years later and he asked me to do this piece with him, I thought back to that night and immediately said ‘yes’.”


“When I met Andrea in Iceland we were both pursuing our own artistic endeavors,” Amidon said. “I was making music with Valgeir Sigurðsson and she was doing film and fashion and possibly, making her movie I Send You This Place. She makes beautiful videos and conjures magical images. I felt that her light-filled elegiac tone would match up with this song of uncertain adventure, and it did!”
Director Andrea Sisson’s video for Amidon’s song “Blue Mountains” follows an anonymous girl in slow motion through a bucolic Appalachian scene. It’s a sensuous clip that celebrates the adventurousness of youth and mourns its passing all at once.


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