I’m sure you’re familiar with the forward thinking, art turned fashion photographer, Cass Bird? Yes? If not, do yourself a favor and look into her. She’s one of a few artists that I could spend hours looking through her work and enjoying every bit of it. Each photo is uniquely captivating and real. Maybe that’s an over used word – but I think it’s just that, there’s an incredible sense of feeling a part of this very personal, real moment. Like you walked in on something you shouldn’t have. A lot of people can take photos that are quote unquote real, but there’s a magic in Cass’s pictures that is hers alone. Her compositions, angles and energy behind each and every shot has something undeniably special. I want to live inside of Cass’s photographs, it looks like the most wonderful place on earth.

And… she came out with a book! It’s called “Rewilding”. For any Los Angeles folk out there, there’s a book signing at Lead Apron tonight from 6-9pm.

Lead Apron
8445 Melrose Pl  
Los Angeles, CA 90069

– Maggie Davis

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