Exclusive Work Release // Misty X by Feather Revs

I am pretty excited about this new discovery brought to my attention from our friends over at Manimal .  This music video makes me want to time travel with a bag of shrooms and have a dance off with myself.  I can’t wait to hear the album in it’s entirety and say to the sounds.  More importantly I can’t wait for them to get over to these parts so I can see them live.  Enjoy.

MISTY X by FEATHER REVS from Vidare on Vimeo.

Stockholm’s Feather Revs have been working on an album for some time now and its finally here, Whaleforest. Feather Revs specialize in hazy, ethereal sound capes and Whaleforest brings the whole style to life. Recorded on an 8 track reel WF is perfectly organic, with just the right amount of electronic touches to give the whole project a trippy feel. Feather Revs are back again today with another visual treat. Misty is a psychedelic showcase of topless woman that are chopped and clipped to dance along to this minimal, atmospheric jam.

Watch Misty Here

“Every song is it’s own adventure, an expressive Iliad of creating the earthy sounds where earth and sea crash into one another.”


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