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This month marks the release of Cameron Mesirow’s second album under the moniker Glasser.  It’s titled, Interiors, which perfectly aligns with an open letter written to her fans earlier this year about her work being influenced by space and architecture. From the first song, “Shape” it’s clear the album represents the more defined and refined evolution of Cameron as an artist. Here is a quick glimpse of her inspiration, process, and passion that she is eager to share.

What was the album making process like?

With this record, I tried to be extremely conscious of every single decision made. Even to the point of a single drum hit. Every single sound on the record I made sure to have a bit of me on it. Which is why I think it took so long to make. If anything, this record sounds more like me.

What inspired you most?

Space was the huge inspiration for the record.

How did this play out in production?

I co-produced[the record] with Van Rivers (Fever Ray, Blonde Redhead) who I’ve worked with before. Van is known for making techno music and people that make techno music make music specifically for space. He is a sculptor with sound and for the production of Interiors, it’s like I designed my house and he built it.

Did you invent any instruments for this record?

[Smiles] Most of the instruments are fake on the record. There were a few that were real, but I tried to get it to where the real ones were indistinguishable from the fake ones. There are moments where the bass is actually me singing.

What role does architecture play for you?

I use architecture as a metaphor to describe my life and all the things around me. Including the fact that I now live in New York.

Having lived in both Los Angeles and New York, what are their best-kept secrets?

Oh man, there was this piano bar on Hyperion that served blue drinks…the piano player would take requests and people would all sing-a-long. There’s a similar place in New York called Marie’s Crisis in the West Village. It has a Roosevelt-era mural and the guy plays show tunes and the Broadway people come out and are like, “OOOAKlahoma.”

With the release of Interiors, what are you most excited about?

I’m excited to get going!

Interiors is out now on True Panther Sounds. You can see her live as part of KCRW’s Masquerade at the legendary Park Plaza in Los Angeles this Saturday, October 26th

Elizabeth Baudouin

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