I was just having a conversation with myself about the lack of showmanship I seem to be coming across when going to live events.  Yes they may seem nice and entertaining, calm and deep…but after revisiting “Rock and Roll Circus”  that the Rolling Stones put on decades ago, and the emotion they gave to their audience (with some aid I imagine) …To be in that moment, and to see that performance…one can dream.

Foxygen gave nothing short of emotion and energy.  I almost was even a bit nervous at how much energy was set off…The induced look in the dancers eyes, the wrist brace our front man had, the whipping of the chords, and the look in all of their dilated puplis gave me exactly what I have been thinking about earlier.

Last Friday night’s show at the Roxy in hollywood was a good ol rockin time full of crowd surfing and half naked performers.  Way to go guys!

Photos taken by Ethan Deloronzo

Opener was the incredibly adorable and warm hearted Tobias Jesso Jr who played us beautiful piano soul pouring’s and banter that made you feel like you were his real honest friend







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