Lizanne Deliz from @eyeofcrowherbs has lent us some of her knowledge to get us through this season.


The winter season with its weathers, its holidays, and for some of us its connotations of extended blood-family time, make it a particularly appropriate time to get serious about nourishing ourselves in loving, earth-based ways. Our plant (and fungi) friends can be a powerful source of support during this period. Here are some resources for getting your physical and emotional body in line with the protection, healing, and clearing that many of us will need.




It’s often not possible to avoid getting a cold or flu, or to end up in the midst of stressful emotional situations. When we do get a virus, elderberry is our best buddy. Take it often throughout the day from the moment you feel any twinges (or even better, before). It is useful both as a preventive and a cure, and it will speed up our bodies’ healing process so we’re sick for a shorter amount of time than we otherwise would’ve been. Fire Cider is another great addition when we’re under the weather. Preparations vary on this folk remedy, but include immunity-boosting and warming herbs such as horseradish, garlic, ginger, lemons, and hot peppers, infused in apple cider vinegar.

To support our emotions and keep stress levels down, nervine herbs are incredibly valuable. They help modulate the nervous system to keep us from spiraling into anxiety and overwhelm, and to help us sleep when we’re spinning out. Look to skullcap, passionflower, blue vervain, or lemon balm to support in keeping your spirits up and to assist in getting rest.

Jenelle Campbell

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