When conceptual creative genius Nathan Kim asks you to art direct one of his videos, you say yes.  That is exactly what Gloria Noto, our Editor-in-Chief did when presented the opportunity to work with him and the incredible song bird, Nora Rothman.  Her music has a twist of delicate sweetness mixed with a humorous perversion, just how we like it.

Nathan Kim is the mind behind collaboration with his company HUMANSHAPES, that involves a new project with a whole new group of collaborators each time.  This time, we got to get involved and hope to do many more together.

In this video, the sense of longing is quite evident, taken in one shot and sung on location with no mixed over sounds.  We love how this turned out and think you will too.


Featuring: Nora Rothman with Judson Emery, Torrie Gregor and Andrew Pearson
Director: Nathan Kim
Art Director: Gloria Noto
Stylist: Sami Sarmiento
Associate producers: Margot Moss and Rachel Kim

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