Is It So Hard To Be Nice?

Disclaimer: This story is a generalization of the uncouth representation
production has in a live-action film setting. It is to be taken with a grain
of salt. Or a bump of coke. Your choice.

The producer looks at her predecessors with contempt. She eyes them defensively, their mere existence a sign of the producers¬†inevitable professional downfall. She hates them for their spunk. Their unsullied, wide-eyes filled with excitement and passion.¬†She’ll retire in a few years, live off her pension in a one bedroom apartment. She’ll wish she made time for a family, sadly knowing that is no longer an option for her. She’ll tell tales of how hard-working and powerful she was to strangers at coffee shops smugly ignoring their efforts to escape her. She is pathetic and she is typical. I refuse to walk down that same worn-down path. Perhaps I’ll retire now, as the 24 year old Jr.* producer who already has everything I could ever want.

Alicia- pessimistic as fuck and bored on set.

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