Lauren Geremia is the founder of Geremia Design, the Forbes recognized design studio known for their custom interiors, product design, and fine art curation.  Lauren started her career as a challenge to herself to start a company that combined her passions for art consulting, materials, textiles, space planning, furniture and product design that allowed her to be surrounded by like-minded creatives. The realization of each space is a collaborative effort involving her in-house team, hands-on clients, artists, galleries and architects. She finds inspiration in art, people, travel, history, architecture and life milestones to ultimately create signature environments that are designed to enjoy life.  We caught up with Lauren in Los Angeles, to hear more about what makes her a Workaholic.

Who are you and what do you do?

I am an Interior Designer, which for me includes a special focus on art consulting and product design.

Where is your workspace?

My live work space is in Emeryville, CA. Situated between Oakland and Berkeley, and across the bay from San Francisco.


What made you turn to this direction?

In the beginning, interior design was a way for me to be a patron of the arts, a way that I could engage and curate art, furniture, and objects that I love. Now it is about affecting the way people live, work, and eat by enriching their lives through great design.


Was this always your dream job?

I’m still surprised interior design is what I do for a living. I always pictured myself being an artist. It was an unexpected course, so its a constant education. I’ve embraced my career by coming an expert in all the facets the job, and by delving in to different parts of my personality. Being an owner of a design business is really satisfying. I get fired up about the business side: making sales, meeting people, being competitive to get work, and toggle back and forth between that and the creative side: collaborating with my amazing staff, ideation for projects, and selecting collections of furniture and art.


How much of the week is work, how much is play?

The lines are blurred between work and play for me because I’ve built my career around my passions. The creative aspects of my job are really fun for me, and there are many opportunities for me to do my work in social situations.

What has been the most exciting thing you have done with your work, and what is a dream situation you’d like to find yourself in?

I feel very lucky that I’ve gotten to work with people that are changing the world. San Francisco and California in general is a motivating and inspiring place to be in terms of change, innovation and opportunity. Many of my clients have not only inspired my work but also have been influential in my path as an entrepreneur. In terms of ideal projects, a hotel in project in California is something our team is interested in being involved in specifically for the retail, branding and hospitality components. We are working on finding the perfect client.


How do you find your inspiration? 

The people who work for me are really talented; there is an enthusiasm and intelligence in our group that is very exciting. Ancillary artist and fabricators that we bring on as collaborators add to and inspire the work. I frequently reference books, look at photography and art, and travel for inspiration. My own process of sketching and writing informs my practice; language is important to me conceptually in creating links and associations.


How do you define your personal style, work and clothing, etc.? 

Casual but curated. Generally, I invest in designers that have a unique perspective. I like to wear black, and white and I’m a honestly a little scared of prints.

What’s something someone may not know about you?

When I’m stressed out I retreat to my kitchen and make really ambitious cakes and baked goods.


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