Just to be clear, listening to “Sailing” will make you feel so great you might say, “Fuck it,” and decide to quit whatever it is you want to quit and just go for it.  This moment of triumph will lead to an immediate drive down the PCH or Ocean Parkway depending on what coast you’re on when you press play.  Either way, when you reach the sand, take off your clothes, jump in the water and swim out to the party that is Leisure Cruise. 

Leisure Cruise is the collaboration between Leah Siegel (vocals) and Dave Hodge (production). The new band has conceived a truly special occasion with their debut single, “Sailing.” This track is an effervescent voyage fueled by synth, sea spray and champagne toasts to the end of whatever it is we left back on land and a future unknown.

When learning about the origin of Leisure Cruise, it seems the two musicians set out to soundtrack the final party before the apocalypse.  Siegel and Hodge are definitely on to something.  If you knew the world was going to end, what would you do? Where would go? Who would you be with? What would you listen to?  We say do what you want and listen this track. It’s the sound to the end of all that and freedom in full swing. Celebration.

Listen to the debut track “Sailing” by Leisure Cruise on their SoundCloud: HERE

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