Letting Up Despite Great Faults // Exclusive Japan Tour Blog

Letting Up Despite Great Faults is one of those great blog bred bands to come out of 2009.  While this particular year was led by the birth of surfgaze and beachwave, Letting Up made way with their shoegaze-y, electro pop and should be recognized in the same class of ’09 champs like Washed Out, Toro y Moi, and Wild Nothing.  Last we saw Letting Up, they were playing shows at Spaceland in Los Angeles. Most recently, the band toured Japan supporting their sophomore album, Untogether. Check out lead singer, Mike Lee’s tour blog he so awesomely put together exclusively for The Work Magazine

Letting Up Despite Great Faults // 2012 Japan Tour Blog

Day 1: Got into the Narita airport late afternoon and then had a nice Izakaya style dinner in Tokyo with Fumi, the founder of Rallye (our label in Japan). We then took a dip in a Japanese hot springs (onsen) that was next to our hotel. Super relaxing and a great way to start the tour.

Day 2: Did some walking around Shibuya and Harajuku and eventually ended up at the Tower Records in Shinjuku to do our acoustic in-store performance. Afterwards, we had a meet and greet…everyone was super sweet and made us feel very welcome.

Day 3: Took a bullet train to Nagoya. This was the coolest venue, called KD Japon – it seemed more like a really intimate cafe that was actually located right under some train tracks (you could hear the train go by every now and again). It also had a loft style setting so people could sit up top and watch. It was a pretty small place and it was packed, some people were even hanging out on the ladder up to the top level. We had this idea that once we started playing “In Steps” we would have balloons drop on everyone. It was so fun we did that for all the shows after that.

Day 4: Took the bullet train again, this time to Kyoto. We had a few hours to sight-see, so Fumi took us to Kiyomizu-dera Temple. The weather was perfect, the leaves were turning color, and the temple grounds were just gorgeous. But we got back to business, all our sound checks were at about 4pm, so that didn’t leave us too much time to hang out in the city. This venue was called Urbanguild and was a tad bigger. Again, the crowd was super welcoming and had a great time meeting everyone after the show and taking photos etc. Afterwards, the guys and Fumi hit up an onsen again because you know, there’s nothing like band bonding than sitting in a tub together naked.

Day 5: Back to Tokyo. We were informed last night that the show was sold out so we were super pumped. Fumi ordered 100 balloons, so when “In Steps” came on, the balloons were released and the disco ball was spinning, it seemed everyone was having just as much fun as us. The venue was called O-Nest and had a killer sound system. It fit a little over 200 people and it seemed like we met almost every one of them after the show. The fans in Japan were just so welcoming and eager to thank us for making the trip out there. We couldn’t have asked for more as a band.

Day 6: Did some shopping in Shibuya and also the Narita airport mall (the stores at the airport are awesome) and then back to Austin, TX. We’re definitely already looking forward to the next Japan tour. And we all learned a new Japanese word: maji. Basically it means “really” so we all just kept saying the tour was maji awesome.

Letting Up Despite Great Fault’s latest album, Untogether, is available now. More information at www.lettingup.com.

— Elizabeth Baudouin

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