Living across continents is a hazy state of mind // By Elena Ellen

Living across continents is a hazy state of mind.

In London I wake up and it’s dark. The sun cuts soft across an outstretched landscape of roofs and tall, packed houses, being slowly transformed into day. The stereotypes are wrong: that first heady dose of sunlight is not blue, it’s green. A fresh wash of colour that’s blank if anything.

Instead of crazy, everything in the morning seems calm. Even in this huge old city, filled with people, the construction workers and the cranes, high-up besides skyscrapers, all seem to be moving in slow motion.

It took me 27 hours of darkness to be here. But that’s hardly more than a day. Before I left there was a news bulletin saying that, in 5 years, planes will fly between each side of the world in only 2 hours. I wonder if you would arrive in the same state of mind, experience that same out of body wonder that lets you know you’ve traversed a planet. I wonder if the sunrise would hit you as hard. But then I suppose explorers, adventurers, people seeking new lives centuries ago – when this same journey took months – must have thought the same thing. How much faster life can move now. How much faster will we still move.

I think, while lying quiet in bed.


Words and images by Elena Larsson



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