Exploring the creative landscapes of Los Angeles after relocating to the West Coast, Andrea Sisson came across Rachel Duvall, a local textile artist. Drawn to Rachel by her work and the way she presents it, Andrea was inspired to convey the story of Rachel’s creative world, where a reliable rhythm is forged out of a series of repetitive yet meditative movements. In “The Loom (of Rachel Duvall)” Andrea captures days spent weaving on an antique machine, transforming the motions, actions, and sounds into a short film both documentative and deeply poetic.


Rachel Duvall is a textile artist based in Los Angeles, California. All of Rachel’s tapestries and textiles are hand woven. Rachel’s work is a study in process and material that culminates in unique objects meant to be lived with.  In her practice she also utilizes an expanding variety of hand dyeing techniques, from traditional natural dyes (indigo, cochineal, and madder root), resist dyeing, and ikat. Each tapestry is one of a kind, built up thread by thread.

Andrea Sisson is a director, photographer, artist – and co-founder of LAUREN-EDWARD FILM AND CULTURE STUDIO in east Los Angeles. Andrea directs narrative feature, fashion, and cultural film. She is a 2010 U.S. FULBRIGHT DESIGN FELLOW and a 2013 ’25 Faces of Independent Film’. Andrea is currently working forward in fashion & cultural art film and photography.

LAUREN-EDWARD FILM AND CULTURE STUDIO is based in east LA. They make feature films, cultural video work, and photography – focusing on cinematic quality & cultural taste. Their first feature, I Send You This Place, was filmed on a Fulbright Fellowship and premiered in 2012. The studio’s upcoming feature is a “pop-art sci-fi” called Everything Beautiful is Far Away.

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