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I entered a victorian house in the mission district of San Francisco and followed Mark McCloud, dressed in all black, into a room full of LSD. Pretty epic opening, huh? Granted all of the LSD tabs are now considered inactive—but well get to that.

Mark McCloud is one interesting man. I found out about this museum through atlas obscura and after writing back and forth a few times, he invited me to his home. Because that’s where this museum is— in his living room.

As you walk in, you notice a chandelier with a strong light pouring over a blue wall covered in hundreds of frames. Within these frames are numbers (officially put on there by the FBI) and sheets of acid. Matted and framed perfectly are these pieces of history that McCloud likes to call “The Great American Miniature.”

Talking to him, or rather listening to him, itself, was one of the most psychedelic experiences I have ever had. From Adam and Eve under the Amanita muscaria to LSD rebirths, medical research regarding LSD and curing mental illness with a bit of Julia Child thrown in, I felt as though I was talking to a cultural icon, and I was.

An avid taker of acid he came about framing by simply trying to keep the art alive and off his and his friend’s tongues. Given the size of his exhibit (around 30,000 tabs), he has been a target of the DEA numerous times, but not committed because all of these tabs are inactive from exposure to oxygen.  I believe my favourite quote of his is “the FBI are the last girls to the party.”

His collection is something not to be missed as it truly is an observation of pop culture, watching the art go from Political statements to Beavis and Butthead—showing the true evolution of the sheet as an art form.

You can schedule a trip by emailing Mark at No cost; but be ready to get blown  away.

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