M83 @ Webster Hall

Top moments from M83‘s Webster Hall show in New York.

• An adorable and grateful front man, Anthony Gonzalez, admitting to a case of the nerves playing in New York.

• “Teen Angst’s” synthesizer torrent – setting the crowd off like a shot of firecrackers. 

• Anthony’s energy on “Reunion” evoking audience call and response, releasing hundreds of inner high schoolers.

• Morgan Kibby’s voice on “We Own The Sky” is so phenomenal, we forgot Kate Bush released a new record just the day before.

• Holy cosmic wonder of a light show (what galaxy is this?).

• The drummer unleashing on “This Bright Flash” and “Steve McQueen”.

• Witnessing profound symbiosis between each band member and the audience during “A Guitar and a Heart.” 

• Keyboard girl killing it on the drum pads during the “Midnight City” chorus. Redefines uninhibited.

• Two words. Saxophone man.

• “Couleurs” = an eight minute, chaotic bliss of a dance party encore.

• The bass player channeling Animal from the Muppets.

• Feeling like the walls were crashing into the floor multiple times.

• Disbelief the venue is still standing the next day.
M83 brings their epic live show to the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles on January 13, 2012.

– Elizabeth Baudouin

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