Visiting a record store in a new city is a perfect way to get introduced. There’s Amoeba in Los Angeles, Waterloo in Austin, and in Cape Town – there’s Mabu Vinyl. I went in to have a look around and was pleased to find good tunes playing, old school artwork, and a healthy mix of music enthusiasts.

Mabu Vinyl was made famous by the Academy-award winning documentary, Searching for Sugar Man, which is largely set in the little store on Rheede St. The movie tells the story of two fans in Cape Town who set out to find Detroit-native, Rodriguez, a musician who was in South Africa more popular than Elvis and more influential than The Rolling Stones. Selling only a couple of records in America, he had sold nearly half a million on the other side of the world. Unbeknownst to him, he was a household name and a voice for the people living under the oppressive apartheid government. In the 60’s, he was a beacon that sang of freedom and young people looked to Rodriguez to transport them into a world of equality through his music. He was very much the voice of the revolution, empowering South Africans around the country to stand up and fight back. Now, at age 71, Rodriguez is finally getting the love that he always deserved. Visit his website to see tour dates in NYC in October 2013.

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