New Coffee Bar // Intelligentsia Hollywood

Our faithful favorite Silverlake coffee bar Intelligentsia, has set up a new shop in Hollywood. While the Silverlake location is best known for its Instagrammable floor tiles (read #ihavethisthingwithfloors), the new Hollywood location will have you looking up. The mosaic tiled ceiling designed by Los Angeles studio, Standard was inspired by the artist Paul Delongpre, who back in old Hollywood times, had his estate on the very same site.

Delongpre was famous for his paintings of flowers on backgrounds and his mansion which boasted expansive flower gardens. The designers at Standard state, “We looked at old postcards and images of the fields of flowers on the property, and came to the idea of using colored mosaic tiles as abstract poppy fields.  At the same time we looked at DeLongpre’s paintings, to bring something of his spirit into the space.  The mosaic tiles became the vaulted ceiling, and the paintings inspires the stenciled wall painting in the outdoor entry space.  ”


Intelligentsia is known for their memorable (direct trade) coffee experiences and it’s no wonder they extend those ideals to their physical locations, as well. The ritual should be both memorable and arguably, Instagrammable? In this case, we think so.


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