Seventy-Two Hours // photographs by Noah Jashinski // SOLO show tomorrow in LA

Issue 7 contributor and friend, Noah Jashinski is having a solo show tomorrow, and I am so proud to talk about it today.

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Image via The Work Magazine issue 7 feature 


I’ve known Noah for a few years now.  Since the moment I met him, I knew he carried that perfect amount of unsettling creativity that some of the most talented artists hold.  His work reminds me of the photos that sparked my love for film and the female form in it’s unmasked, raw, and free flow.  His choice of Black and White intensity brings me into a world that can be placed anywhere on the globe, but always that of a contrasted wild calm and the capture of the ever changing dynamic of female emotion.

Tomorrow, my friend Noah Jashinski is having a solo show in Los Angeles.  I hope to see some familiar and new faces all around.

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Art Share L.A. is delighted to present “Seventy Two Hours” – a series of narrative forward vignettes from black and white, analogue photographer Noah Jashinski. “If you want to make a documentary you should automatically go to the fiction, and if you want to nourish your fiction you have to come back to reality.“

Inspired aesthetically and philosophically by the words of Jean-Luc Godard, “Seventy-Two Hours” is a study of intimacy, trust, and vulnerability, examining both the authentic and the staged as captured over a three-day period with two distinct subjects. Noah Jashinski explores the effect of time on the erosion of personal boundaries and muddles the line between life and art. The series delivers an elevated depiction of the ordinary in which everything is hyper real, yet somehow just within reach.

Jashinski’s work insists we do not overlook the everyday beauty that surrounds us, and for him, this beauty lies in life’s imperfections. Unimpeded by the restrictions of a studio, each series intimately reveals the symbiotic bond between the photographer and his subjects, an interactivity that results in each subject redirecting the art itself.

In conjunction with the show, Jashinski is releasing a limited edition book of the same title, which will be available the evening of the reception for sale. The book will be a 40-50 page printed edition of the show, plus additional material shot during each respective seventy-two hour period.

“Seventy-Two Hours” will be on display from Wednesday, May 20 – Saturday, May 23, 1PM – 6PM.

The reception will be held Friday, May 22 @ 8PM. More details to come.

Art Share LA is a non-profit organization. Please visit their website and read more about what they do:

All standard gallery proceeds from this show are going back into this amazing space to help fund their mission.

Curator: Alexis Hyde
Producer: Daniel Lisi
Executive Producer: Spiro Farougias
Instagram: noahjashinski

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