Pearl and The Beard // BEAST

Stemming from New York, Pearl and The Beard’s songs feature prominent
three-part vocal harmonies with instrumentations that includes cello,
guitar, micro korg, tenor electric guitar, baritone ukulele, and
drums. They have been featured on World Cafe from NPR and have either toured
or collaborated with Ani DiFranco, Ingrid Michaelson, Devotchka,
Brandy Carlisle, Nico Case, Iron and Wine, Lucius, and Lady Lamb The
Beekeeper and more.
We saw them perform earlier in the year and immediately got in touch
to do this interview. Although they recently announced the breakup of their
band, we’re excited for their latest record BEAST that released in

IMG_1549 copy
We caught up with them on some random conversation, enjoy.

What’s the one word that best describes 2015 for Pearl and the Beard?
What made this year stand out most for the band?
We finally were able to release our album Beast, which is our proudest work yet.

What is one thing each band member needs to have while on the road?
Jeremy: A copy of a really long dramatic book
Emily: Lots of different lipstick shades
Jocelyn: A knitting or crochet project

What was your favorite venue to play this year?
Playing The Orpheum in LA opening for Ani DiFranco was so surreal and meaningful. It was just magical.

Best story from the road?
One time Jeremy got put in handcuffs and thrown into the back of a police car for breaking and entering into our host’s neighbor’s house… while sleep-walking.

Favorite bands this year?
We are so stoked for Lady Lamb the Beekeeper’s new album and cannot get enough Sylvan Esso.

Any underrated songs worth mentioning?
Probably Man in the Mirror. (That’s a joke)

What are you most looking forward to in 2016?
Sadie Hawkins Day

Art Direction: Katherine Davis
Photography: SMITH-DAVIS.COM


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