The Lumineers at Hotel Cafe

The Lumineers, quickly turned the Los Angeles Hotel Café  into a prohibition era, speakeasy last week. What you would think would be a semi-folk explosion, was actually a transport back in time to somewhere between back room busking and a steampunk’s dream. The versatile musicians seamlessly swapped between mandolin, piano, accordion and cello, with passion and a completely genuine “we’re going to have a good time” vibe. Their vocals and harmonies were clear, raw, and straight from the soul. Some of our favorites included, “Big Parade”, Stubborn Love”, and fan favorite, “Ho Hey”. Most of The Lumineer’s arrangements innately triggered audience sing-a-longs and a foot stomping, hand clapping, you better move your body, dance party. Take the encore, for example, when Wesley brought the whole band off stage and onto the floor, for a street style performance that had the whole room circled around and belting out, “Darlene”.

We’re excited about this band and even more enthused after experiencing their interactive, sold out, live show. It should be noted that selling out the Hotel Café is a pretty good gauge The Lumineers are going to blow up. We eagerly await the release of their debut record coming out in March followed by a national tour. 


– Elizabeth Baudouin

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