While you may still be soaking in the butt juices of PAPER’s Kim Kardashian spread, another series of images made their way online and they are much, much more tantalizing: the geniuses over there put comedians Tim Heideckerand Eric Wareheim in drag…and had JUCO photograph them! Now, know I am happy to write about anything JUCO does because their bright, lively, often funny photography merits praise. Yet, this set of photos is so next level that it cannot go unnoticed (even if you’ve seen it shared all around your Facebook).

The resulting photoset are a spectacular morphing of character modeling, oddball fashion, and high art camp drag (which is probably the best description of Tim and Eric’s aesthetic). Colliding T&E with JUCO is a genius combination, one that spills a magical yet creepy yet mesmerizing beam from the page to your eyeballs.

One can only hope that the persons in these photos make the leap from this photoset to the show. It would be a more understated bit, where these delicate gender non-conformists rub against each other in a painfully platonic manner. They’d probably go bowling but eat shrimp cocktails while on the sideline. They probably drink highly creamed coffees out of martini glasses in a New Jersey suburb. Whatever they do, they make you want more. Who knew Tim and Eric would be come drag darlings?

Picture 21

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