A Film by Justin Tyler Close + Nouel Riel // 1619 Silverlake Blvd. //exclusive release

Nouel Riel is one of the most wild and unexpected forces I have met.  The fire in her eyes tells me to expect any unexpectedness from her actions.  Like a child, she looks at things as if they are there to her for the first time.  Justin Tyler Close, friend, former roommate, and fellow artist, lived with Nouel for almost a year.  During this time she was preparing for one of her first solo exhibitions to be held in Los Angeles.  Also during this time, she allowed her many personas to give life as she experienced her paintings’  identities while making them.  Justin was able to capture a piece of this in a very raw few minutes.

Here we have for you the exclusive release of his documentary : 1619 Silverlake Blvd.

Documentary: I lived in a house / studio in Silver Lake, CA with artist Nouel Riel, Together we decided to document the process of how she creates her work. This for her means channelling other personalities and different personas in order to diversify her work, and embody spirits from another realm. By documenting the place of which we both lived at and the space where we worked, enabled us to naturally create a film using pieces of interviews and vignettes throughout the 11 months of staying there. Memories were built, memories were documented.

– Words by Justin Tyler Close

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A Film by Justin Tyler Close & Nouel Riel
Edited by Sam Perkins
Music by Darian Zahedi
Photos by Justin Tyler Close

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