If you ever actually found some random footage, a VHS tape, a misplaced DVD, videos on a lost cellphone, what’s the best thing it could be? Kids getting scared in the woods? A giant alien attacking a city? Some frat boys being tortured in a basement? What about proof of time travel?

In this Demo, writer/director Pete Ohs (Work Magazine, Issue 7 contributor) shares a proof-of-concept for the first episode of his new original series. You could say, like a song demo for an album, this is an episode demo for a series.

The series revolves around a VHS tape being discovered in the Angeles Crest Forest. Nothing bad comes from watching the tape except a hazy feeling that it may or may not be legit…  Filmed on three formats (VHS, iPhone, and digital) and in more than one time period, We Found Footage is about two guys who find a VHS tape in the woods. Their curiosity becomes an investigation & light-hearted adventure through time and space that asks the question ‘Is time travel possible?’ We’ll just have to wait and find out.

Accompanying the series, is a photo story by LA photographer Jimmy Marble (who came along to capture the ‘time traveler’ character in 1988 at Griffith Park & Highland Park and is also a Work Magazine, Issue 7 contributor). BRIGHT IDEAS MAGAZINE has featured the story on their blog & in their print magazine (which was released at this year’s Sundance Film Festival).

Original Series by Pete Ohs
Demo episode written by Pete Ohs; directed by Pete Ohs & Andrea Sisson
Demo Stars Jeff Daniel Phillips (Rob Zombie films & the Geico Caveman) with Phil Eastman, Pete Ohs, Johnny Woods
Music by Chrome Canyon
Produced by Saul Germaine
Photography by Jimmy Marble / Creative Direction Andrea Sisson

A pre-premiere of this Demo occurred at the Ace Hotel DTLA October 2014, with a time travel speech performed by lead actor Jeff Daniel Phillips.
From Lauren-Edward Studio
& Pete Ohs

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