What do you do?
I am fashion designer.

How did you get to where you are now?
I started making clothes like 10 years ago. I worked at Wasteland on Melrose in 1999 and I met this magical girl named Kime Buzzelli. We started making clothes together and then we opened a shop in Echo Park called the Showpony. Unfortunately I had a nasty drug problem and eventually couldn’t keep it together, so my dad had to come rescue me and take me to rehab and stuff… but I kept making clothes while I was in there and sending them to the Showpony!

Anyways… basically I got where I am now because I work really hard. Ive always known this is what I am supposed to be doing. I couldn’t stop if I wanted to. I’ve just been really blessed to be able to make a living at it. L1050957

Was this always your dream job?
YES!!! I just wanna make a little bit more $$$$$.

How much of the week is work, how much is play?
Luxury Jones is always at work! I work and play at the same time really… I mean, I WORK WORK every single day, but even when I’m out having fun, I mean, I am Luxury Jones! I’m definitely always wearing Luxury Jones and to be real I have kind of an obscene amount of fun… that’s the brand. Thats the lifestyle I’m trying to sell. Mine.

How do you find your inspiration and do you find it easy to stay organized?
I am inspired every second of every day! I can see it and feel it all around me all of the time. Luxury-Jones-Vintage-Inspired-Womens-Boots-Collection

How important is your work, and do you feel it defines you?
Like I said, I kind of am my work. I make things with my hands every single day. I create. I feel like I have no choice… and yes, i think it does define me somewhat. Almost every single thing I make and have made for the last 10 years is one of a kind. The things I make are a representaion of what goes on in my mind.

What has been the most exciting thing you have done with your work, and what is a dream situation you’d like to find yourself in?
I’ve gotten a few big orders from some legit companies in the last few years. That feels really good to be able get my product out to a bigger market. My dream situation is to have very hot, fun, brave girls in the world dancing their asses off all night long in my clothes. I want a career like Betsy Johnson’s. I want to create a brand and have a chain of stores! I want to collaborate with other RAD designers and I want Lil Wayne to sign Luxury Jones to Young Money! And winning an Emmy this year was also cool.

How do you define your personal style, work and clothing, etc.
Rad. Real. Fun. Original. Exciting. Sexy.

Do you listen to music during your work day?
Here’s the routine:
from 7 to 10am I watch KTLA news
10-11 I watch 2 episodes of Will and Grace
11-12 I watch MTV Jams
12-2  I watch 2 episodes of Perry Mason
2- 4:30 I watch MTV Jams again until the first Basketball of the night comes on, which is usually around 5, then I watch basketball all night. Unless I have a game to go to because I have season tickets!! luxury1

What’s something someone may not know about you?
Honestly, I’m pretty much an open book. If you spend any time around me at all you will know that my main interests in this life are: girls, basketball and rap music. I don’t have anything to hide. I’ve lived a lot of life in these 34 years. I have a lot of amazing stories and I like to tell them.

Anything else you would like to say or for us to know?
All I know is that if you know what you got… you know you got that light inside. Then you just gotta keep doing the work and you will get there. I believe in WORK. I believe that every day I put time and energy into this thing I do that I am creating positive energy. I am creating my own future. I mean, I get discouraged sometimes but the only thing that combats that feeling is to keep on working, keep moving forward. Every little step counts. Right now, 10 years into this Luxury Jones thing, when I stop for a second and look back over my shoulder at where I’ve come from and where I am now – I gotta say it feels pretty fucking good. I feel proud of myself.

You can see the list of stores I sell at on my website, but here are a few noteable ones:
Ron Herman Tokyo
Free People

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