Working With Nature – Azadeh Shladovsky

Our friend Azadeh Shladovsky has emerged as a designer best known for her artful, empathetic interiors, premiered her collection of “nature inspired,” sculptural furniture last week at Jean de Merry Melrose Place.   
Shladovsky’s premier furniture collection explores her unique relationship with nature, and highlights her ability to create powerful expressions that are as beautiful as they are functional. Her perspective is informed by and, to a degree, controlled by the forces inherent in her wood medium. “The pieces in the premier collection,” Shladovsky says, “reveal the evolution of my relationship with the forces of nature, mainly those I cannot control.”  
Using forms and structures present in the wood as guidance, Shladovsky adds an element of tension with brass, nickel and long-haired Patagonian sheepskin. Opposing forces of soft and hard, lustrous and matte, organic and linear create a drama of contrasts, which reinforce the integral character of the individual materials. Shladovsky says, “these pieces are meant to provoke a dynamic sensory experience and engage the audience in a dialogue that struggles with questions of tension, control and peace.”

Shladovsky’s work now showing at:

JDM – LA                               
8417 Melrose Place                                                 
Los Angeles, CA 90069                  

979 Third Avenue, No. 818 
New York, NY 10022 

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