We do what we want.  What is a trend? And do you follow them, or do you make your own rules? Slick your hair back, draw some shapes on your face, play with color, and leave your house. Expression is in the self and the self is where it’s at. FALL – WINTER 2017   […]

NEW WORK // Photo London

There couldn’t be more happening at Photo London. The newly-instituted 4-day exhibition, which features galleries from London, Paris and New York among others, boasts of being the largest photography event in the UK, and returned in May for its second showcase of the medium.  At a time when the bounds of what photography is and […]

A Film by Justin Tyler Close + Nouel Riel // 1619 Silverlake Blvd. //exclusive release

Nouel Riel is one of the most wild and unexpected forces I have met.  The fire in her eyes tells me to expect any unexpectedness from her actions.  Like a child, she looks at things as if they are there to her for the first time.  Justin Tyler Close, friend, former roommate, and fellow artist, […]

Happy Valentine’s // John Stezaker & The Kiss

“I always knew what i was going to do in life; there was only one thing I was obsessed by.” John Stezaker We’ll call it a Valentine’s treat. Some preview images from our upcoming feature, a collaboration with artist John Stezaker. Stay tuned to see us publish previously unreleased works by the collagist and photographer, all around […]


  Sappho via Riot of Perfume magazine; photo credit – Elena Larsson   Save Save

LSD Collector // Mark McCloud

I entered a victorian house in the mission district of San Francisco and followed Mark McCloud, dressed in all black, into a room full of LSD. Pretty epic opening, huh? Granted all of the LSD tabs are now considered inactive—but well get to that. Mark McCloud is one interesting man. I found out about this […]

Untitled // A Short Story

In honor of our collaboration issue, below is a short story by genevieve berrick.   The sunblock felt clammy against my skin. Clammy and slightly repulsive, like a slug was trailing across my palm. I didn’t want to be there. Sure, it was a beautiful day, a beautiful beach. The sky, the surf, it was all… […]

New Column // Visual Magic with Sarah Faith

The Fool “The Fool of course is the wisest of all. The Fool who goes down the road with the alligators at his heels, and the dogs yapping at him, blindfolded on his way, he knows all there is and does nothing about it…nothing could touch him.” — Aleister Crowley Unlimited potential, the protection of innocence, […]


“Art Clothes” sound like something a high school visual art teacher wears. That probably means gaucho pants and Mondrian inspired reading glasses and old Camper shoes and a vest that literally has paint on them: no one has time for that. But, you should take time for artist Dane Johnson‘s art clothes because—Well.—they truly are what […]


Dear weather, bring us SOMETHING this fall so we can wrap ourselves in all things Skingraft. WORK MAGAZINE got a behind the scenes look at Skingraft’s webstore shoot this past weekend, shot by LA’s own Ben Cope and styled by Adrian Gilliland. Gold leather, chunky knits, touches of fur, bonded neoprenes, and bear-y nice digital […]