Narcissister // WORK MAG Contributor ARTIST FOCUS

Work Magazine contributor, Narcissister , is a mixed media performance and fine artist.  Her identity remains one of mystery and her content continues to make the viewer uncomfortable – thoughtful – turned on.  Just how we like them.  You can see select pieces in this issue of The Work Magazine. Narcissister works within the worlds […]

Is it 1997? // 7AM Anniversary Party

Sometimes dreams do come true. I have wished to experience life as a twenty something ( well, 30 something in reality ) in the 90’s.  Either it was whatever I was under the influence of the other night, or it is happening. Walking through crowds of young ones rocking the whatever forever attitude with music […]

Elena Larsson // New Work Magazine Contributor and Artist

London and Sydney based artist Elena Larsson brings to life moments in time that feel like a memory – something you are trying to let go of but can’t seem to release, owing to the severe intimacy they hold over your heart. We are excited to have her as a regular contributor to the Work magazine family. Below are […]


Yolande Batteau is the founder and creative visionary behind the work of Callidus Guild. When meeting her in person you immediately realize, she herself, is just as enchanting as the wallpaper she creates. Her magical studio is tucked away in Brooklyn in the neighborhood of Clinton Hill. This fine art studio flourishes with their unique, […]


When conceptual creative genius Nathan Kim asks you to art direct one of his videos, you say yes.  That is exactly what Gloria Noto, our Editor-in-Chief did when presented the opportunity to work with him and the incredible song bird, Nora Rothman.  Her music has a twist of delicate sweetness mixed with a humorous perversion, just […]

Pearl and The Beard // BEAST

Stemming from New York, Pearl and The Beard’s songs feature prominent three-part vocal harmonies with instrumentations that includes cello, guitar, micro korg, tenor electric guitar, baritone ukulele, and drums. They have been featured on World Cafe from NPR and have either toured or collaborated with Ani DiFranco, Ingrid Michaelson, Devotchka, Brandy Carlisle, Nico Case, Iron and […]


Frank Gehry, the revolutionary architectural  urbanist, began his work in the mid 1960’s in Los Angeles.  The vision and playfulness on reality has shown through and has paved way for new ideas. His work has gone down as some of the most influential modern designs.  You can now view drawings and models never before seen by […]


For Alexander Yulish, growing up in New York City in the 1980s was an experience never to forget. He spent his youth in the halls of the Chelsea Hotel where he lived with his mother, famed sculptor Barbara Pearlman. The vivid characters that came in and out of his world at a young age are […]


Bret Witke has lived many lives. He has owned, operated and designed various nightclubs and restaurants in the 1980’s and 90’s in Los Angeles that were heralded as the hippest places to be. Chic, irreverent and fueled by the energy of the artistic jet set, Bret’s clientele included Madonna, Herb Ritts and Matthew Rolston. Bret […]


Sarah Buckley is a visual artist based out of LA, with works mainly focused on line drawing and painting.  We love her tribal reminiscent trance like present state of mind large scale pieces.  You can see more of her work here    Save