Tucson-based artist, Nick Georgiou, takes discarded books and newspapers and transforms them into captivating sculptures that speak to the decline in printed material in favor of digital (dis)connection. Bold and bright, his creations are ripe with emotion, drawing you inside his world. He has been commissioned by heavy-hitters ranging from Hermès to Oxford University Press, […]


Friend of The Work Magazine, NiK Kacy is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of the first gender-equal footwear line. NiK Kacy’s shoes break the traditional gender boundaries of the shoe industry by doing away with the notion of “men’s” and “women’s” styles and sizes and establishing the first gender-fluid luxury footwear line in […]

Artist Crush // Alison Foshee

Anyone who knows me, knows of my intense love of botanicals. Watercolor, pencil, clay—staples? Yes. Staples. Artist Alison Foshee has turned beautiful pieces of nature into cold hard and yet compellingly beautiful metal art. In her own words: “This series of staple works on paper began in 1998.  I was exploring how everyday materials or found objects […]

Artist of the Month // Week 2 Erin Smith

February brings us the art of Erin Smith, an Australian painter who is sharing a painting a week with us here at Work. This work is titled: Gas / 2014 760mm x 560mm Acrylic / Water Color on Arches 300gsm  

New Column // Visual Magic with Sarah Faith

The Fool “The Fool of course is the wisest of all. The Fool who goes down the road with the alligators at his heels, and the dogs yapping at him, blindfolded on his way, he knows all there is and does nothing about it…nothing could touch him.” — Aleister Crowley Unlimited potential, the protection of innocence, […]

Keith Haring Gala // De Young Museum

‘The Political Line’ is the first major Keith Haring show on the West Coast in nearly two decades. With more than 130 works, this exhibit showcases Haring’s responses to nuclear weapons, racial inequality, excesses of capitalism, environmental disaster and AIDS. One of the most remarkable things about seeing so many pieces so large is to […]

What if your last action before death could be a gift of love to nature?

A Will For the Woods Documentary asks these questions and more as you watch musician and psychiatrist Clark Wang prepare for his own green burial.   Make sure to check out the first Los Angeles screening of this Award Winning Documentary at USC DAVIS School of Gerontology WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 18 Davis School of Gerontology 3715 McClintock […]


Open now at the Steven Kasher gallery in NYC is “Pheromone Hotbox,” a photography show celebrating the work of five female artists: Aneta Bartos, Shae DeTar, Olivia Locher, Marianna Rothen and Work Magazine contributor, Amanda Charchian. While each photographer explores feminine energy and forms in her own unique way, the show flows together beautifully, celebrating […]

Heroin or Cocaine?

Lorenzo Antico is a London based filmmaker who shared with us this visual browsing of how drugsare a factor used very often in the movies using first titles that came to mind. Heroin or Cocaine? from Lorenzo Antico on Vimeo.

Exclusive Work Release // Misty X by Feather Revs

I am pretty excited about this new discovery brought to my attention from our friends over at Manimal .  This music video makes me want to time travel with a bag of shrooms and have a dance off with myself.  I can’t wait to hear the album in it’s entirety and say to the sounds.  More […]