Cy and Genevieve Carter are the founders of Carter Design, working both independently and together on interior design projects for the past decade. They had the fortune of working with the talented team at Commune Design which led them to start their own agency. Genevieve enjoys making visual decisions, and her work takes many shapes […]


Patrick Weder’s work marries streamlined architectural elegance with sculptural refinement that integrate seamlessly within residential and commercial spaces. Inspired by naturally occurring forms and pushing raw materials beyond the practical application, Patrick created the combinations of corian and wood in 2001 and continues to refine this pairing with concrete. Originally from Switzerland, he moved to […]

Workaholic // Rotelli Cyclery // Custom Bicycles

Robert Rotello founded his company to specialize in creating custom handcrafted bicycles tailored to the needs of commuters and adventure-seekers alike. Within his company, he and his team sit with you to understand your needs as a cyclist. Taking you in your path with the restoration of bicycles of the past. Robert gave us a […]

Workaholic / Michael Felix / Design Studio

Michael Felix designs and produces upholstered goods in Southern California. A 3rd generation upholstery designer, Michael started from the ground up as a sample-maker’s assistant in the furniture factory founded in 1959 by his grandfather. His in-depth understanding of classic upholstery techniques makes for a collection that is thoughtfully designed, structurally engineered and made for a […]


Lauren Geremia is the founder of Geremia Design, the Forbes recognized design studio known for their custom interiors, product design, and fine art curation.  Lauren started her career as a challenge to herself to start a company that combined her passions for art consulting, materials, textiles, space planning, furniture and product design that allowed her […]

Workaholic // Leon Wu

WHAT DO YOU DO? I am the Founder and CEO of Sharpe Suiting, a Los Angeles based queer-centric suiting company that constructs clothing for ALL body types and identities. We have been custom suiting our community for the past year out of our Silverlake studio. Currently, we are developing a progressive line of Ready-to-Wear suits […]


As a child I was always obsessed with the idea of having a portrait, much like The Portrait of Dorian Gray, of myself that felt more like myself than my own flesh. Hyper-realism, or soul catching, as I like to refer to it, has always blown me away. The idea that you can mimic the […]


Nathalia Margot (A.K.A. TIT) is the type of human you just want to be close to, physically and mentally. She has this warm curiosity about her that makes you want to peel away the turquoise layers to unveil what’s beneath, and then what’s beneath that. Not only is she the PR master behind Manimal, she […]


Growing up in Southern California, fashion photographer Sasha Eisenman was immersed in the culture of surfing, the beach lifestyle, and the freedom that comes with it. He began taking photographs from a young age with his mother’s old Nikon 35mm and documented his friends and their adventures during frequent surf camping expeditions down the desert coastlines of […]


Paul Beahan has taken the LA and NYC music scene to another level.  He has a special way of looking at the artist and seeing beyond what is in front of you, but rather what they can become.  MANIMAL has grown from record label into an all encompassing community of PR, Label, brand identity growth and […]