Come on down to our block for the 6th rendition of Parachute Market in The Arts District downtown for LA Design Week.

The theme, “Alone Together,” encourages our creative community to explore who we are without a lens and why we thrive in community. The Digital Age has connected and disconnected us in ways never before imaginable. Our relationships are preceded by our social media personas, and also, we are a real person behind that, who can only be seen face to face. Humans by nature are  have a need to gather in order to be seen through each other’s eyes.

With this show we ask themselves, in a world where so much depends on group consciousness, where do we find the space for our own voice:
Who are you within the group and who are you “alone?”

About Parachute : 

Parachute Market was founded in 2012 by the CNTRLgroup Collective, with the vision of elevating the temporary marketplace to a creative level with conceptual substance.  Coryander Friend, a set designer and vintage collector, and CNTRLgroup, a brand management, marketing and sales collective, united to bring the best of Los Angeles’ design talents together in a bi-annual design fair, curated within specifc design themes, to incite conversation and inspiration for both designers and patrons.

Our ever changing narrative is what sets us apart – the fact that our curation comes from a places of inclusion and collaboration in an attempt to create a louder voice for the things we believe are special.  The upcoming iteration in June – we have a team of curators working together to pull from their various areas of creative expertise.  Each of these women are creating, in their fields, works that are being celebrated for their authenticity and spirit.  For those that participate as vendors, or creatives, or purveyors – we hope we’re providing a platform for people to celebrate their creativity, and make their endeavors visible to an audience that wants what they have to offer  – for those that come to participate, hang out, eat, dance and shop we hope to provide a community of like minded people that are connected throughout the world by their belief – that things can be beautiful, good and made with responsible, soulful ethics…

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