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This is a great week for music. Snowden is back, Bibio has a new record, Wild Nothing is still happening, and Beach House and My Bloody Valentine are playing FYF Fest.  Celebration. Essential listening for this week:
File under: So Fun.
Classix | Hanging Gardens
This Los Angeles DJ duo takes a minute from remixing the likes of Yacht and Mayer Hawthorne to focus on their debut album. Released this week to much applause, ”Hanging Gardens”  features 12 carefree, yet wistful tracks to perfectly soundtrack your summer road trip or pool party. (If you’re into pool parties.)
 Listen HERE
Standout tracks: Holding On, Hanging Gardens, Dominoes, A Fax From The Beach, and Long Lost (feat. Active Child)
File Under: So Sexy.
Standish/Carlyon | Deleted Scenes
“Deleted Scene” is pretty much the sexiest record to happen to 2013. Between the vampiric-pop vocals, muddy bass lines, and vast synth-scapes, this album is a plunge into a dark, dubbed out world enveloped in a veil of smoke.  Seriously, it’s like a late night hang on the other side and everyone is dressed in Ann Demeulemeester. (We love it.) Learn more here and see them live at Glasslands on May 30th opening for The Field.
imageListen HERE
Standout tracks: 
Critics Murphy, Feb Love, Aqua Valerie, Subliminally

File Under: So Good.
Snowden |  No One in Control
This is an album to be (very) excited about. It took six years for Snowden to follow up the acclaimed debut “Anti – Anti” and well worth the wait. “No One in Control” has all the melodic, harmonic, fuzzed out, dissonant layers that make Jordan Jeffares’ band so unique but with whole new level of maturity.  Here’s to being refined while keeping your edge.
imageListen HERE
Stand out tracks:
No One in Control, So Red, Candy for Everyone, No Words No More

Also: wow, this cover.
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