• New Coffee Bar // Intelligentsia Hollywood

    Our faithful favorite Silverlake coffee bar Intelligentsia, has set up a new shop in Hollywood. While the Silverlake location is best known for its Instagrammable floor tiles (read #ihavethisthingwithfloors), the new Hollywood location will have you looking up. The mosaic tiled ceiling designed by Los Angeles studio, Standard was inspired by the artist Paul Delongpre, who back in […]

  • WORKAHOLIC // Jean De Merry & Christian Darnaud – Maroselli

    Jean De Merry is a furniture studio located in the heart of the design district in Los Angeles, California, with outposts in Chicago, Dallas and New York. From a small French town where successive generations of his family had operated a leather tanning business for four centuries, De Merry – also a renowned novelist and former restauranteur […]


    Los Angeles has a new experimental art and design gallery –  THE NEW. Now on view is a body of work from Videre Licet entitled “Meltforms” The exhibition consists of a series of glass and metal sculptural lightboxes illuminated with internal LED lights. The idea came to life when artistic duo, designer Daniele Albright and design curator Stefan Lawrence, […]

The Work Magazine – Collaboration Issue


Artist Crush // Liesl Pfeffer

Currently crushing hard on Liesl Pfeffer‘s Garden Study series for a multitude of reasons, the first being that she actually uses the scientific name for each!!! Then you get to the art. Liesl has completely mastered the skill of complex minimalism. Her shapes are simplified while the textures of the images she uses in her collages […]


May we all take a moment today to honor and appreciate a brilliant mind that believed in justice and equality above all. As a society, we still have a long way to go to abolish discrimination based on the fear of the other, but thanks in much part to Martin Luther King Jr., we are […]


It’s art fair season in Los Angeles… kicking-off this weekend with the LA Art Show and the 24th iteration of the international exposition photo la.  Returning to downtown’s historic LA Mart fortress The REEF January 15-18th, photo la showcases a lens-based potpourri ranging from the 19th Century to contemporary explorations.  In addition to a 3-day public program of lectures, […]

ISSUE 7 // Artist Sarah Sitkin

Issue 7 is very close to being finished for you (and for us). Sarah Sitkin will be featured as one of the many amazing artists we have to share with you. Sarah’s work is haunting, disturbing, beautiful, and multi-layered in its physical collaboration. Each piece tells a story but also brings forth a psychological question […]

Exclusive Work Release // Misty X by Feather Revs

I am pretty excited about this new discovery brought to my attention from our friends over at Manimal .  This music video makes me want to time travel with a bag of shrooms and have a dance off with myself.  I can’t wait to hear the album in it’s entirety and say to the sounds.  More […]


Director Kestrin Pantera was so inspired by stylist Niki Schwan’s new store that she wrote and directed a ‘Goldilocks-meets-Gaga film’ called “Little Secrets,” which takes place in Schwan’s fashion boutique: Girl breaks into store after-hours to live her dress-up fantasy and sneaks out… perhaps to do it again another night. Schwan has styled artists from […]


I was just having a conversation with myself about the lack of showmanship I seem to be coming across when going to live events.  Yes they may seem nice and entertaining, calm and deep…but after revisiting “Rock and Roll Circus”  that the Rolling Stones put on decades ago, and the emotion they gave to their audience […]


Anyone who wants to use the old way of thinking that LA’s art scene is lacking can take a moment to check out our friend WOAH’s recap of  their 12 LA Art Shows of 2014. #WOAHPicks include some of our personal favorite shows.  We hope you were curious enough to have gone to some of […]

Weather better // by Yasi Salek

If this isn’t a movie, then please explain why you are sitting on the plush blue couch in our room at the Hampton Inn in Oxnard of all places quietly playing your guitar and singing “Be My Baby” while I lay face down on the lumpy white comforter on the bed (at least one of […]