Inspired by the shades of Stockholm, Swedish family trio Liza Laserow, Fabian Berglund and Felix Berglund founded Nordic Knots. Their love for the vibrant facades of the 19th century classic Stockholm architecture inspired and influenced the patterns and details that is now a flourishing collection of rugs. Along with the simplicity of the patterns, the […]

  • Marianna Rothen // Shadows in Paradise

    A red dress is lying like a carcass on the lawn. Shoes abandoned next to it; the chair tipped up. A discarded blonde wig no longer means anything – no longer screams siren or bombshell or sex; only emptiness. And the question of what happened here. If the women in Marianna Rothen’s earlier series (Snow […]

  • Workaholic // Camille Vignaud

    Camille Vignaud is a designer and artist who launched her own agency in 2011, within just a few short years of leaving university. Her desire then was to bring more of her personal artistry to graphic design, and it’s an ambition she certainly attains. Her dream-like aesthetic now gets filtered through books, websites, and entire […]

The Work Magazine – Collaboration Issue



NAME: Piper Ingram WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?   The bass player for Honeymoon Screams mostly, but on the dance floor I channel my inner Fred Astaire. WEBSITE: facebook.com/honeymoonscreams ARE YOU LEGAL?: in 48 states LOCATION: Angelino Heights, Los Angeles WHAT YOU GOT:  My dog Ted Nugent, Levis denim jacket, my ex-boyfriend’s shirt & Jeffrey Campbell wedges.  THANKS FOR […]

OFFSET – SKATEBOARDING FILM PREMIERE MAY // 19 // 2012 The introduction of our new skateboarding contributors is based around the idea of “the individual”. In the context of COMUNE, our contributors are all different from one another. The team is made up of multifaceted people from around the world with varying interests. In turn […]

What do you do?I’m a publicist, so lots of writing, emailing, Skyping, texting, talking, pitching,strategizing, organizing, nagging, nudging, screen-shooting, cutting, pasting andthinking…How did you get to where you are now?I’ve literally had a full time job since I was 15 years old. I remember wanting toturn 16 so that I could drive and 15 so […]


The WORK Magazine is now carried at UNIS. Classic and understated, while still uniquely contemporary, UNIS provides effortless style, with an air of tailored sophistication. For more than ten years, designer Eunice Lee has presented collections inspired by her native New York City, reminiscent of iconic and sensible American sportswear. Reflecting an uncompromising commitment to craftsmanship and […]


NAME: Han Lee WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?  Amazing WEBSITE:  ARE YOU LEGAL?: Sometimes LOCATION: California WHAT YOU GOT: Urban outfitters slip dress and onesie, Vintage suede fringe vest from thrift store in Texas, Jeffrey Campbell Shoes, Vintage Sunglasses & Bag THANKS FOR TRYING AGENT: JC


What do you do?I’m a recording artist, songwriter, producer, and recording engineer. Where is your work space?In my apartment in Brooklyn, NY How did you get to where you are now?Not having a plan B. What made you turn to this direction?Being a control freak I suppose. It was years ago that my band in […]


Can you imagine composing music for a philharmonic? AND then receive a world premiere performance? The Brooklyn Philharmonic is looking for Brooklyn musicians interested in expanding their musical ideas by composing music for orchestra and string quartet. Since this is now a not-so-secret dream of mine and I’d keel over if I ever got the opportunity, I figure […]


Currently in love with Anna Garforth, an amazing typographer and environmental artist. The eco-graffiti trend has been on the rise, and this UK based artist is making some of the most beautiful work out there. – Jenelle Campbell


This Saturday celebrates the opening night of our friend Lia Halloran’s solo exhibition Sublimation | Transmutation presented by Martha Otero Gallery in Los Angeles.  With a devoted interest in physics, chemistry and the behavior of natural elements in the guise of contemporary art practices, Lia stages her solo exhibition Sublimation as a simultaneous investigation into […]