• WORKAHOLIC // Jean De Merry & Christian Darnaud – Maroselli

    Jean De Merry is a furniture studio located in the heart of the design district in Los Angeles, California, with outposts in Chicago, Dallas and New York. From a small French town where successive generations of his family had operated a leather tanning business for four centuries, De Merry – also a renowned novelist and former restauranteur […]


    Los Angeles has a new experimental art and design gallery –  THE NEW. Now on view is a body of work from Videre Licet entitled “Meltforms” The exhibition consists of a series of glass and metal sculptural lightboxes illuminated with internal LED lights. The idea came to life when artistic duo, designer Daniele Albright and design curator Stefan Lawrence, […]


    Bespoke luxury furniture and lighting studio Gabriel Scott is the vision of Canadian designer duo and brothers-in-law Gabriel Kakon and Scott Richler. With backgrounds in architecture, industrial design, and jewelry-making, their distinct luxe creations with a masculine-meets-feminine appeal are the equivalent of ornate, modern jewelry for the home. Everything is handmade in their Montréal studio and available […]

The Work Magazine – Collaboration Issue


MOCA under the stars! Final Engagement Party with the LA Urban Rangers

Thursday, September 1 MOCA Grand Avenue Lodge 7-10pm LA Urban Rangers invite you to join them for “Critical Campout”, a campfire program that explores the full spectrum of habitation options in downtown Los Angeles. Some of the campfire activities include: a live demonstration where you can learn how to make an alternative temporary shelter, and Ask a Ranger station for all of […]


Exciting news to share! We are going to be throwing a party in NYC during Fashion Week. More details to come but for now this is what I have for you: • September 12th • Performance by Joan as Police Woman • DJ • Drinks • Beautiful people • Location: Mister H at the Mondrian […]

Is It So Hard To Be Nice?

Disclaimer: This story is a generalization of the uncouth representation production has in a live-action film setting. It is to be taken with a grain of salt. Or a bump of coke. Your choice. The producer looks at her predecessors with contempt. She eyes them defensively, their mere existence a sign of the producers inevitable professional […]

Thanks for Trying

NAME: Ally Ferguson WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?: Brand Manager for Field Scout Men’s WEBSITE: www.Field-Scout.com LOCATION: Echo Park, CA ARE YOU LEGAL?: 28 WHAT YOU GOT: Marc Jacobs jeans, Vans, Nudie Jeans tee and jacket. Smokin’. THANKS FOR TRYING AGENT: Gloria Noto

Thanks For Trying

NAME: Oliver Mellan WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?: Freakers-one size fits all drinking cozy WEBSITE: www.freakerusa.com LOCATION: North Carolina ARE YOU LEGAL?: 24 WHAT YOU GOT: Thrift Store Vintage THANKS FOR TRYING AGENT: Maggie Davis

Thanks For Trying

  NAME: Zach Crain WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?: Freakers-one size fits all drinking cozy WEBSITE: www.freakerusa.com LOCATION: North Carolina ARE YOU LEGAL?: 26 WHAT YOU GOT: Jeans DL961, thrifted jacket and shoes, reconstructed sun dress shirt THANKS FOR TRYING AGENT: Maggie Davis

Yes Please.  Gotta love a girl on girl fight, with women as beautiful as Michelle and Natalie. Whose the winner I wonder?? -G (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

For someone that always has some sort of black on, I have a weakness for washed out color.  Am I really about to go to the store and buy some stick on extensions and try this..I just might! So pretty. -G


NAME: Carol Ai WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?: Fashion designer, full-time lover, part-time amateur chef  WEBSITE:  aiforai.com  LOCATION: Los Angeles ARE YOU LEGAL?: 28 WHAT YOU GOT: Russel Athletic (aged men’s tee), A.P.C shorts, Dr. Martins boots, Maliparmi bag THANKS FOR TRYING AGENT: Dan Monick