Welcome to Issue 5, set to launch August 15th.  Please be excited as we are, we have something very special planned for the release.  Stay Tuned…  Some featured artists include : ACTIVE CHILD WARM GHOST CASS BIRD TASYA VAN REE MARNIE WEBER HILARY WALSH  DAN MONICK JIZZ LEE HOMO RIOT JUCO  and many more… Censorship at […]

Issue V artists, Active Child & Warm Ghost, have come together to create a stunning remix for The WORK Magazine & our readers. Issue V features interviews and photography with both Pat Grossi of Active Child and Paul Duncan of Warm Ghost. While we get ready for the the issue to come out this summer, […]


NAME: Pat Grossi (Active Child)OCCUPATION: MusicianWEBSITE: PIVOTAL LIFE CHANGING MOMENT: Joining a friend on a trip to the Kolacney music shop years ago. Left with a harp and my life took a left turn. BEST GIFT YOU’VE EVER RECEIVED: Any of the heartfelt notes from my mom or dad over the years. The power of words is surprising […]

Active Child // A Review

Pat Grossi took the stage at the Los Angeles Music Box, through a smoky atmosphere with presence and poise. He sat down in the middle of his three-piece band, picked up the harp, and closed his eyes. The drums cascaded across the bass line and with one breath, he outpoured a sweep of ethereal falsetto leading into […]