What do you do? Avenue Interior Design specializes in full service hospitality based interior design for bars, restaurants, nightclubs and hotels nationally.  We also have a fun blog/designer resource website, I Heart Design by Avenue where we take an inspiration image and select furnishings, lighting and accessories from online sources and build a (hypothetical) room […]

A Brief History Of John Baldessari // Narrated by Tom Waits (Source:

INSPIRATION NATION // PART III Soko has been putting out some beautiful videos lately. Between this and First Love Never die — all i want to do is watch them over and over again in a bed with bright white sheets & a faded vintage comforter. Spring brings out the love in me even more […]

WORKAHOLIC // Gabriel Hendifar & Jeremy ANderson // APPARATUS

What do you do? I ( Gabriel Hendifar)  design light fixtures with my partner Jeremy Anderson. I’m a maker of things—fashion, interiors, product. I like to keep a few things on the burner at the same time. How did you get to where you are now? I studied costume and scenic design and fell into […]

Inspiration Station // PT II

I recently came across the work of James Nizam and am completely blown away by his new work using light & architecture. Using black and white photography, he turns dark rooms into “light sculptures”.  It’s a new take on the idea of a Camera Obscura and I’m really digging it.  Simple & Beautiful. – Jenelle […]

Sonos Studios Launch Event // Music to our Ears

Over this past weekend we were invited by the lovely Jessie Cohen (check our her Workaholic) to attend the launch party for Sonos Studios.  Sonos is a sound gallery. Awesome in its own right. The gallery was designed for optimal sound experiences for art shows, music performances, and events. The acoustics in the room were […]

OFFSET – SKATEBOARDING FILM PREMIERE MAY // 19 // 2012 The introduction of our new skateboarding contributors is based around the idea of “the individual”. In the context of COMUNE, our contributors are all different from one another. The team is made up of multifaceted people from around the world with varying interests. In turn […]



This Saturday celebrates the opening night of our friend Lia Halloran’s solo exhibition Sublimation | Transmutation presented by Martha Otero Gallery in Los Angeles.  With a devoted interest in physics, chemistry and the behavior of natural elements in the guise of contemporary art practices, Lia stages her solo exhibition Sublimation as a simultaneous investigation into […]

                                       WORKAHOLICK // NATALIE & MICHELLE What do you do?M: Writer/Director, Co-Founder for The, Contributorto A Shaded View on Fashion, and Videographer for i-D MagazineOnline.N: PR guru, founder of Femme on Feast, Co-founder for, and writer for A Shaded View on Fashion. How did you get to where you are now?M: […]