I can, with every bit of truth, say that Adrian Gilliland is one of the most inspiring men I have met.  It comes down to much more than just his paintings, his art direction, or his costuming…it comes down to his soul and his way of thinking.  There are certain people who give off a […]

Artist Crush / Nepali folk art

I can’t stop laughing / loving these. This art business is the brainchild of Michelle Page, who after a trip to Nepal, found out that the hand-painted BEWARE signs she admired so much were quickly a vanishing art. In an effort to support this art form, she founded NEPAL DOG where you can get a custom […]

Artist Crush // Molly Evans

There are certain things that get me every time in music, art and food. It’s not that I’m predictable necessarily—I just really know what I REALLY like. Artist Molly Evans, aka #LionelStitchie uses two techniques that really get to my heart. Street art that provokes emotion along with utilizing objects that are just laid out for trash. […]

St. Frank // A Curated Collection

St. Frank founder and CEO Christina Bryant developed her passion for textile art and economic empowerment for people in developing countries through her work in international development and the arts. “I wanted to make the unique and beautiful art I found in isolated communities around the world accessible to people everywhere, while providing talented artisans […]

See // Art Made By Women

This has been quite a month for women artists in Los Angeles. And this Saturday just might be the bombshell to top it all off. Nomad Gallery is presenting an all women’s show called HoneyHaus. 17 artists which focuses on women all of whom are involved in and around punk and the DIY culture as […]

Tonight // See Art

The Mothership, In Our Details are the Maps of Existence Curated by The Sacred Door & Dilettante 1.16.14  7PM 120 N SANTA FE AVE, Los Angeles, California 90012 Gather us together so we can offer up creations that speak from the source. We hold the light that leads growth and can best gather ideas to nurture […]

Yayoi Kusama // I Who Have Arrived in Heaven

A true dose of ethereal infinity, Yayoi Kusama’s I Who Have Arrived In Heaven is not to be missed. The 84-year old Japanese artist brings a dreamy combination of paintings, video, and mirrored “infinity rooms” to create her multipart exhibition at the David Zwirner Gallery in New York City. Now a social media phenomenon, Kusama’s […]

This Saturday // Art is all around you…it’s everywhere you go

This Saturday is an event you DO NOT want to miss! Art by Tasya Van Ree (who was in last issue of WORK!), Rick Rodney & Steve Arroyo. As if that wasn’t enticing enough, there will be music by Garcia and juice by LA darling Moon Juice. I’m willing to bet that the people watching […]


Watercolor is like no other medium. Capable of being both luminously subtle and strongly opaque, it is versatile in ways that oil or acrylic could never be. Nomoco takes full advantage of its abilities, seamlessly layering colors upon each other and creating pieces of interconnected beauty. Her art is both dreamy and precise, appealing equally […]


Sometimes a meal is so good that I think it would be a top contender for my last dinner, should I ever find myself on death row. But with all the choices in the world, it would be no easy task to narrow it down. Knowing that I would never again have another breakfast, lunch, […]