Crybaby is a platform for artists and designers to exhibit and sell work in a continuously fresh and highly curated environment. This Los Angeles based migrating gallery integrates fine art, fashion, product design, pop-culture, music and film.  Total Lunar Eclipse, Crybaby Presents second show will debut an exhibition featuring artists, Mariah Robertson, Jesse Greenberg, Whitney Claflin […]


We got referred to this magnificent docking station designed by KMKG Studio and needed to post. Talk about adding to the wish list, this hollowed out tree trunk is designed using a special technique and specialized tools, expertly proportioned to produce optimum sound quality. The iTree is then made by hand in the “Steirische Vulkanland” region […]


The WORK Magazine now carried at Colette – Paris.

Working With Nature – Azadeh Shladovsky

Our friend Azadeh Shladovsky has emerged as a designer best known for her artful, empathetic interiors, premiered her collection of “nature inspired,” sculptural furniture last week at Jean de Merry Melrose Place.      Shladovsky’s premier furniture collection explores her unique relationship with nature, and highlights her ability to create powerful expressions that are as […]

DRIPPED TRUNK SHOW Join us as The WORK Magazine hosts this months “Dripped Trunk Show” at the Pop tART Gallery! Dripped is a bi-monthly trunk show that focuses on local fashion designers, purveyors of vintage clothing and jewelry designers that promotes expression and community. This third installment of Dripped will showcase emerging talent, produce sales and offer a platform to […]

Thanks For Trying

  NAME: Zach Crain WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?: Freakers-one size fits all drinking cozy WEBSITE: LOCATION: North Carolina ARE YOU LEGAL?: 26 WHAT YOU GOT: Jeans DL961, thrifted jacket and shoes, reconstructed sun dress shirt THANKS FOR TRYING AGENT: Maggie Davis

It’s Getting Closer…

Issue IV… ( such a handsome issue!) Launch Party at Space 15 Twenty Performance by We Are The World  & David Scott Stone Limited edition “Manipulation Zines” The Work Magazine-Re-mix- Cassettes Snaps taken by Dan Monick Full Bar! And the beautiful The Work Magazine team! FACE BOOK Link RSVP F’in Unreal <3 REBLOG! See you […]

Need a new awakening?

ALERT to designers (or anyone who wants to wake to a more inspiring message in the morning)! One of the leading graphic designer and typographer of the twentieth century Wim Crouwel, teamed up with the Design Museum in London to celebrate his current exhibition: A Graphic Odyssey by creating an alarm clock app. Hop on the app store […]


Dear Lovers, WE ARE HERE! The WORK Magazine is a international quarterly publication which focuses on conceptual ideas within art, fashion, culture and design. Presenting work from the best of the underground and already established artists; we support those who have a unique approach and follow their own beat. Inside you’ll find weekly “WORKAHOLIC” entries, in […]


We would love to thank LE BOOK for having us at LA CONNECTIONS, and the lovely Aiya Ono. If you aren’t familiar with LE BOOK, you should be. LE BOOK is a 9 volume international visual reference and go to guide for the creative industry. Needs relating to photography, illustration, production, art direction, public relations, advertising, music […]