Workaholic // Charles De Lisle

Charles De Lisle makes furniture, lighting and objects. The things he makes are a curious and bold mixture of materials. Utilizing wood, bronze, rubber, plaster, clay, metal and textiles. He alters and combines various mediums to create familiar objects embedded with texture, precision and imbued character. By merging contradictory materials and unlikely surfaces, De Lisle […]

Workaholic // Ryan White

Los Angeles based designer Ryan White, is on the rise to becoming one of today’s most sought after designers. His work has captivated the design community and has caught the attention of many feature publications. Growing up in Colorado and Montana has allowed Ryan to keep a very grounded approach to his work. He spent seven […]

Designer Crush // Ovate

Ovate is a line out of Montreal that consists of leather, silk, silver & dark energy mixed with elegance. Because most designs are created by hand, they have an ancient look to them, while the modern cuts make them both flattering & timeless. I love the power this clothing / jewelry exudes & am already […]


Jared Frank’s work looks effortless. And if I didn’t know him better I’d think that he just naturally threw impeccable visual experiences together. But I do know him well, and even though the results look fluid and easy, I’ve learned that they come from the constant grinding thought of a curious, knowledgeable, hard working guy. […]

WORKAHOLIC // LUXURY JONES  What do you do?I am fashion designer. How did you get to where you are now?I started making clothes like 10 years ago. I worked at Wasteland on Melrose in 1999 and I met this magical girl named Kime Buzzelli. We started making clothes together and then we opened a shop […]