WORKAHOLICK // NATALIE & MICHELLE What do you do?M: Writer/Director, Co-Founder for The, Contributorto A Shaded View on Fashion, and Videographer for i-D MagazineOnline.N: PR guru, founder of Femme on Feast, Co-founder for, and writer for A Shaded View on Fashion. How did you get to where you are now?M: […]

The Cult’s “For The Animals” – Directed by Michelle Peerali.  Our good friend Michelle directed the new video for The Cults. Please take a peek as this is the first new video for them in the past 5 years! Enjoy! -G (Source:

Is It So Hard To Be Nice?

Disclaimer: This story is a generalization of the uncouth representation production has in a live-action film setting. It is to be taken with a grain of salt. Or a bump of coke. Your choice. The producer looks at her predecessors with contempt. She eyes them defensively, their mere existence a sign of the producers inevitable professional […]