Local Artist of the month // Week 4

a l e x a l e c o.  

Artist of the Month // Week 3

a l e x a l e c o

Local Artist of the Month // Week 2

  a l e x a l e c o

Artist of the Month // Alex Aleco

For the month of August, we will be featuring artwork from musician and artist Alex Aleco. In her own words— My name is  a l e x a l e c o. I live in Los Angeles, North East, on a mountain. I tend to fixate on the body in fantastic reality. I work in pencil and paper […]


In the South of France in the year 1949, Picasso was visited by Gjon Mili, a photographer for LIFE magazine. Mili, a “technical prodigy and lighting innovator” brought with him an electric light that fascinated and delighted Picasso. The result of this bychance collaboration are these light drawings. Disappearing as quickly as they were created, yet […]