Jennifer Sindon is a multi-media artist and filmmaker whose videos present a weirdly meditative look at the human process and evolution. Sindon uses and distorts film through a series of other-wordly, often grotesque, images and movements. Her work has the ability to evoke both an interest and discomfort about what breathes on the inside of […]


Jared Frank’s work looks effortless. And if I didn’t know him better I’d think that he just naturally threw impeccable visual experiences together. But I do know him well, and even though the results look fluid and easy, I’ve learned that they come from the constant grinding thought of a curious, knowledgeable, hard working guy. […] I recently came across Dustin Lynn’s films and could not take my eyes away from the screen… I think it’s a rare instance for most of us when we can observe and be completely engaged – to really bring our minds into a different world. His work shot me into a mystic dream state/love […]